Our World Class Healing Application

Join Our Program Today! Our custom-made application suites every case of PTSD. It’s designed with Anonymous chat rooms that make your treatment very comfortable and safe for a peaceful and fulfilling healing experience. Just Connect from the comfort of your home. Start healing right away!
Our World Class Healing Application
We have produced a whole Documentary Film about my travels around the world where we show you what PTSD really is. Incredible footage of military men and their families, their loses and gains and their transformation. Also a film with the solutions to the PTSD problems. Please enjoy the Award-Winning "Caroline's Poster" film trailer and Powerful Soundtrack by Scanning the QR codes. And convert to our cause. We encourage you to help in any way by becoming a helper or the one to be helped. Let's change the world together with Love, Empathy and Compassion.
Carolines Poster
Carol Lombard Clark

"The Global Recovery Organization is a nonprofit organization created by me to make you feel loved and empower you to heal from PTSD."

Carol Lombard Clark


Our mission is to help you with your healing process

Our treatment brings your self-esteem back. And makes you understand that you are not alone. You will overcome your fear and will be able to make good decisions.

Gone Around the World Twice to Understand the Effects of War and PTSD

Healing One Nation At A Time

We help you heal from PTSD and Substance Abuse helping the families of those affected from this Disorder.

Consult our experts about PTSD. Our Founder, Carol Lombard Clark, has built a step-by-step program that effectively helps overcome the Effects of PTSD. Join today to The Global Recovery's – Mobile Application Program and heal anonymously.