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The story of an empathic woman that traveled the world twice to understand peoples’ behavior after war, alcoholism and religion with the goal to help the families with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
An unprecedented documentary that shows the real story of Carol Lombard Clark a 5-time World Award Winner with this documentary that shows her losing her boyfriend on the Vietnam war.
Interviews of renown individuals who lost their loved ones and how they are affected for generations by the war, the effects of the war in their families and how alcoholism becomes the number one cause of trauma becoming unstable families.
The proof of PTSD being caused in troubled families is noted in this documentary with four seasons. And shows how you can posses PTSD by being exposed to these affected parents.
Carol Lombard Clark is standing firm with her vision. A powerful woman that stands for humanity and encourages you to join and “Heal the Nations one Nation at a Time.”

Here… Enjoy the Caroline’s Poster Documentary Soundtrack – Just Love